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Digital On-Ramps for the Academies is the one-stop online hub for Philadelphia career academies. The platform helps support students' college and career readiness and 21st century skill development through project-based learning, authentic assessment, digital badges, and student e-portfolios.

DOR facilitates a virtual bridge between students, teachers, and industry professionals, enabling professionals in the field to give students relevant, industry-based feedback on their most important work.

Learn About Digital On-Ramps for the Academies

DOR for the Academies is proudly powered by ConnectEdStudios (CES). Explore the core features of DOR as a student, teacher, or industry professional with pre-populated or self-generated content in the CES Demo PlaySpace.

Day in the Life

Supervisor Wilma Chan is the first Asian American to become an Oakland Board School Member and Alameda Board Supervisor for Public Health. Watch her Day in the Life to hear her story on how passion led her to earning her place in history.

Professionals Wanted

Industry Professionals in the fields of sales, marketing, and business are currently sought for participation in our pilot. Please register above if you are interested, or contact us for more information or further questions.